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PLAGIARISM!! Just kidding, here's the source.

Three big names in Japanese development are now working together in the new studio, SEEDS...

Late last year Capcom announced that development studio Clover (developer of Okami) would be disbanded, and shortly after, two of the most well known figures within the studio - Atsushi Inaba (producer of Viewtiful Joe) and Hideki Kamiya (director of Devil May Cry) revealed they had recently left the studio for "fresh challenges".

It now appears they have formed new development studio Seeds, with renowned fellow ex-Clover vet Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil series, including its sublime fourth incarnation on the GameCube.

The Seeds' Japanese website reveals the group was formed as far back as August last year, with Inaba as president and now employs a team of more than 50. To quote from the site:

"We are a group of creators who have already created colorful products. Now, standing on new ground, and even as the soil has changed, our passion to pursue new play [fun] hasn't changed. We are challenging ourselves on a global scale to create entertainment products with a new, fresh feeling. We need more seeds."
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