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"Namco Announces Beautiful Katamari Damacy

The latest Katamari rolls to PS3 and 360.
By Yoshi Sato, 04/18/2007

Namco has announced Beautiful Katamari Damacy for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, according to this week's Weekly Famitsu. Players can this time choose from more than 50 other characters besides the Prince, though their abilities will be pretty much the same. The environment is much bigger compared to the previous games, even to a point where you will be rolling a massive ball of katamari across the globe. Both versions of the game will also feature network compatibility but no specifics were disclosed.

So what about a Wii version? Jun Moriwaki, the director of the game comments, "The Wii is also one of our platform choices. We would like to challenge with different interfaces such as the keyboard on a PC, or the touch pad on the DS. However, the controller for Wii is quite unique so being able to overcome the different issues will be the key."

Looks like Wii owners will need to wait a little longer for a possible release. Beautiful Katamari Damacy is currently 50% complete; no release date for either version has been announced."
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