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1/14/07 09:12 pm - yumeoibito

Oh dayyummmm!! Okami beat Twilight Princess for Overall Game of the Year!


12/7/06 11:10 pm - crynyd - Whoa Wii Wah Wii

Reports from the NPD group show that Nintendo was responsible for 55% of all hardware sales in November. Even better is that — and I'm sure this'd not be the case were the Wii in better supply — sales of the DS and GBA led the Wii in that time period.

12/1/06 12:34 am - crynyd - HOLY CRAP

Resistance to Wario Ware is not only futile. It's stupid. Watch (I'd embed it but GameVideos sucks).

11/29/06 04:03 pm - yumeoibito - Quickie

Suda 51's "Heroes" is now called "No More Heroes." It also features the greatest story ever. See for yourself

11/28/06 04:33 pm - crynyd - Guess what, nerds? I gots me one!

11/9/06 04:08 pm - crynyd

Time is holding a vote for Gadget of the Year. The DS Lite had about a 40-point lead on the MacBook Pro yesterday, but all the Mac sites told their readers to go vote and now they're tied at 42% of the vote each. I think you know what you need to do.

11/9/06 11:00 am - ducttaperomance - EBA! It's in the game!

My Wii countdown says 9 days left, but my impatience says forever.

Yesterday, I got Elite Beat Agents. Though it has a bad track listing, you get so inveloped into the game that you really don't mind it. I mean, c'mon! The concept of the game is so absolutely amazing: helping your fellow man through the power of music and dance. As homosexual as that sounds, it's grade A fun. And I hate Game Informer for their review over this game. Yeah I know, I own the magazine, but that's merely for business purposes. Their video-gaming journalsim is a bit short from mediocre. I felt the circles were synchronized with the music. There were a few scatter ones but that adds the challenge to EBA in the latter stages.

"The bigger issue here, however, is that something always felt a little off when using the touch screen. I just don’t think this kind of touch interface is well suited to the rhythm game genre." - Game Informer

My response: It's probably because you suck at the game!

Anyway, if I could, I would give this game a 9/10.

11/3/06 04:27 pm - yumeoibito

F-F-F-Fox! As well as some awesome gameplay footage

10/24/06 11:45 am - yumeoibito

Holy shit! Sony actually managed to run Lik-Sang out of buisness!

Apparently they are PROTECTING CUSTOMERS from buying incompatible region-specific hardware (even though Lik-Sang provides replacement parts to ensure compatibilily free-of-charge). This, coming from a company that recently boned over 400,000 people when they added malware to music cds. Nice.

Read the official release here.

Bad news for all the thousands of people who pre-ordered Wii's and PS3's from the site. All money will be refunded of course. But it's too late for many of these people to preorder elsewhere. I wonder if Play-Asia is next?

--------In Other (better) News---------

Game Informer ran a quick interview with Suda 51 which you can find here. He talks of Heroes, of course, and also mentions a second Wii game in development, as well as a Killer 7 sequel.

10/23/06 04:09 pm - yumeoibito - Day Old News

Standing In Line at the Crack of Dawn: Part 2 begins this Sunday. That's right kiddies, on Oct. 29 Toys 'R' Us begins taking preorders for the Wii.

The closest one to my apartment is a 20 - 30 minute drive from here, and I'll wanna be there early (if the EB/Gamestop lines were any indication), so I'll probably be waking up around 5:30. OH BOY!
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